Plastic Surgery:
The GME Way


Excellence for all your plastic surgery needs: GME in the US, Dubai or India.

Complete care from the moment you arrive to your surgical destination to the moment you depart. US-Based or US accredited surgeons with a proven success record will perform your surgery.

Your surgery will be performed in an accredited hospital or surgery center- both JCI accredited.

GME is Taking Care of your Health and Beauty Needs!

For something as personal as breast enhancement or lift, facelift, tummy tuck or body sculpting, etc. you want the best: a highly credentialed surgeon with a reputation for exceptional results. A leading-edge surgical suite for your safety, comfort and privacy, and first-class care at 25-40% off the prices others are paying. A comprehensive 'package deal' is also available: surgery, flights, ground transportation, hotel, etc. can be arranged by GME and its affiliate FlyGTE.

For a free consultation please call

  • US: 1-866-463-2111
  • INTL: 714-660-4748