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Liberation Treatment - CCSVI


The Liberation Treatment / CCSVI Treatment is a potentially ground breaking discovery for the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis is a degenerative neurological disease in which the body's own immune system turns against itself, damaging the nerves of the brain and spinal cord. The exact cause is unknown. For instance, the disease is more prevalent in certain regions, namely Scandinavia, Scotland, northern Europe and Canada, while in the U.S., it occurs more commonly in whites than in other racial.

When MS strikes, the covering that protects the body's nerves - known as the myelin sheath - erodes; and as the disease progresses the nerves may be destroyed. Multiple areas of scarring known as sclerosis, which are viewable on MRI imaging as plaques, can develop, causing the nerve signals between the brain and the rest of the body to slow down or even stop. These short-circuits are what cause the symptoms of MS

Symptoms and consequences

The disease does not affect everyone in the same way, but common symptoms include numbness and fatigue, along with loss of vision, balance, speech and muscle control. Potential consequences of the syndrome could be hypoxia, delayed perfusion, reduced drainage of the catabolites and increased transmural pressure, and iron deposits around the cerebral veins. The disease is unpredictable: intense flare-ups might be followed by remission. It usually hits between the ages of 20 and 40, and is more common in women than in men.

How is MS treated?

Dr. Paolo Zamboni has postulated that MS stems from a narrowing or blockage in the veins that drain blood from the brain, known medically as CCSVI, or chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency. Zamboni thinks this impaired flow of blood from the brain builds up pressure, and that the resulting collection of blood may cause MS symptoms.

What is CCSVI?

Chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI) is a condition found in twice the number people with multiple sclerosis than in the average population, where blood doesn’t properly drain from the brain because of a narrowing in the veins that bring deoxygenated blood from the brain to the heart. The main veins are the jugular veins and the azygous. Due to this partial blockage, deoxygenated blood either stays too long in the brain or can reflux back into the brain causing various adverse effects, including:

1) a lack of oxygen (hypoxia) in the brain;
2) inflammation caused by plasma and blood, which can also set off an autoimmune reaction; and
3) iron from blood deposited on brain tissue can damage myelin, and over time results in nerve damage (think of rust build up on a motor).


CCSVI was first found combining extracranial and transcranial doppler sonography. Five parameters of venous drainage have been proposed to be characteristic of the syndrome, although having two of them is enough for diagnosis of CCSVI:

  • reflux in the internal jugular and vertebral veins,
  • reflux in the deep cerebral veins,
  • high-resolution B-mode evidence of stenosis of the internal jugular,
  • flow in the internal jugular or vertebral veins that could not be detected with Doppler, and
  • reverted postural control of the main cerebral venous outflow pathways.

Use of Magnetic resonance venography for the diagnosis of CCSVI in MS patients has limited value, and has been proposed to be used only in combination with other techniques.

How has CCSVI been treated?

Surgical procedure in CCSVI in MS have used balloon dilation to open up obstructed veins or insertion of stent into veins to help keep them open (endovascular surgery). These procedures have been performed on only a small number of MS patients.

What are the potential complications for this procedure?

Endovascular intervention for CCSVI is an invasive procedure and as such, does carry a risk for significant complication. Complications of this endovascular intervention may include, but are not limited to:

  • Bleeding and / or bruising at the at the insertion site.
  • Perforation and hemorrhage along the path of the vascular catheter as it is advanced.
  • Dislodgement of blood clots along the path of catheter, resulting in heart attack or stroke.
  • Formation and dislodgement of clots from the tip of the catheter.
  • Infection.

When should one operate?

The NASCET (North American Symptometic Caroted Endarterectomy Trial) trial for carotid endarterectomy recommended 70% stenosis before operating.

Should MS subjects be imaged before surgery?

Patients need to be imaged to see what fraction of MS patients have CCSVI. Imaging is a non-invasive safe procedure that can help determine the state of the vessels and flow in the veins.

Recovery from CCSVI Multiple Sclerosis Liberation Procedure

A CCSVI Liberation Procedure is a minimally invasive procedure. You can expect to remain in hospital for 5 days after surgery for monitoring and follow-up care. A further 3 day at a local hotel after hospital discharge is also necessary before you are permitted to fly.

Additionally, we can also arrange for a holistic treatment package post-Liberation Procedure that helps the MS patients to enhance the recovery process.

Recovery is relatively simple and rapid. Bruising is normal. You will receive wound care instructions and may be prescribed medication.

The CCSVI Liberation Procedure for MS patients is a recent advance in medical technology. As with all surgical procedures, it is strongly recommended you consult with your physician and/or specialist so you are fully informed as to whether this procedure is appropriate for your medical condition and of all possible complications.

Cost of Liberation Treatment

Once diagnosed as an ideal candidate for Liberation Treatment, the actual cost of the treatment can be anywhere upwards of USD 6,000. You can also choose to have the holistic treatment package which includes additional support from alternative medicine.

You can also choose to get a no-obligation second opinion of your medical condition from our expert doctors. Depending on your initial diagnostic reports, you can then decide to go ahead for the Liberation Treatment.


CCSVI Treatment through GME


Global Medical Excellence (GME) is an Anaheim, California based company with worldwide offices. GME is involved in providing a variety of domestic as well as International Treatment Options to the patients across multiple specialties. We provide facilitation services not only for Liberation Treatment, but also for Major Surgeries like Cardiac Surgeries, Orthopedic surgeries, etc. as well as for Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeries.

GME has a large network of Affiliated Doctors in North America and these doctors are involved in providing a variety of treatments domestically as well as abroad. Additionally, GME’s patients are able to receive regular follow-up care as well as post-treatment support whenever required through our large network of affiliated doctors.

CCSVI Treatment has become popular recently and due to its effectiveness in relieving the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, more and more patients are availing this treatment through GME. Initially, GME intended to provide the Liberation Treatment in U.S. & Canada through its network of affiliated doctors. But, there has been constant uncertainty surrounding the possibility of providing the treatment locally. This is mainly because of the questionable stand of the regulatory framework in U.S. & Canada.

To ensure the highest level of quality for North American patients, we are currently facilitating the Liberation Treatment at only JCI-accredited hospitals. This ensures that the hospitals are either at par or even better than some of the Best U.S. and Canadian Hospitals.

India is currently one of the best options for the Highest Quality Care at the most affordable rates.

The doctors at our Partner Hospitals have had an extensive training under Dr. Simka in Poland and are following the exact diagnosis & Treatment protocol as suggested by Dr. Zamboni.

Moreover, there is no waiting time at our Partner Hospitals and you can get immediate excess to the CCSVI diagnosis as well as Liberation Treatment.

Once our patients return home after getting the CCSVI Treatment in India, GME tries to ensure continuity of care and regular follow-up support through its large network of affiliated doctors. GME is constantly increasing its network strength by signing contracts with more and more doctors, particularly those who might be relevant for GME’s areas of service.

Why should you get your Liberation Treatment through GME?

  • GME has its main office in California and also in India. This ensures that there is 100% coordination closer to you
  • GME has a large network of affiliated doctors. This ensures regular follow-up and continuity of care once you return home
  • GME partners exclusively with JCI-Certified hospitals. This ensures you get the same or better quality of treatment than what you get in North America
  • The doctors in India at GME’s partner hospitals have got extensive training for CCSVI
  • GME has experienced Doctor Team with International Experience on its staff
  • There is no waiting time for accessing CCSVI Treatment through GME
  • GME provides dedicated Care Managers who will be there to assist you throughout your stay in India
  • GME maintains an Ethics & Quality Board comprising of some of the best doctors in the field in every country that it operates in
  • GME ensures that you get the Highest Quality Care at the most affordable rates


Step 1:

Getting a preliminary diagnosis done at a local diagnostic center. A variety of tests like MRI of cervical region, Doppler Ultrasound, etc. are required to be done as per the protocol set by the experts in this field.

If you are facing issues in getting your preliminary diagnostic tests done at your local center, you can choose to get the entire package done through GME. Even if you are dianosed as not being an ideal candidate for surgery, chances are that you might still end up paying much less than at your local diagnostic center.

Step 2:

Once GME receives your diagnostic reports, we will be getting you a no-obligation second opinion from our Expert Doctors who have already received the extensive training in the area of CCSVI and Liberation Treatment.

Step 3:

GME will offer you a variety of options based on the opinion of our doctors. GME will provide you with a dedicated care manager throughout your stay and treatment. You can opt to go for our All-Inclusive package or you can also choose to avail only the treatment related services from GME. The choice is yours!!

You can get additional information about the exact process of CCSVI Treatment through GME by clicking here.

Please talk to our Doctor to get personalized guidance about the process of CCSVI Treatment through GME.

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