Considering treatment abroad?

Considering treatment abroad?

It’s no wonder that the medical tourism industry has experienced tremendous growth over the past decade! Experts, including Deloitte, estimate that over 600,000 people will be traveling abroad for medical treatment this year alone. This is due in part to the substantial savings, between 60% and 80% on major surgeries (non-cosmetic), patients are able to receive by having surgeries performed abroad. GME also helps you realize significant savings on plastic surgeries to include those performed in the United States while making sure you have access to the finest of plastic surgeons.

People have been traveling for centuries in the name of health, but surgery abroad is a fairly modern phenomenon. As health care costs continue to rise, patients looking for affordable options started considering their options offshore. Medical tourism has grown quickly because patients from the USA, Canada, and other nations are willing to travel to India and Lebanon for their surgery.

Because some patients have concerns about having surgery in a foreign, let alone still developing, country Global Medical Excellence (GME) has developed destination medical guidelines for clients that focus on quality of service (medical and travel) unmatched by our competitors. GME's exclusive use of Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospitals ensures a good clinical outcome for our clients. While GME's guidelines are reassuring to many patients, some patients may be wondering why anyone would travel to a foreigncountry to receive quality medical care? Why place your health in the hands of a medical professional who is a total stranger practicing in a country you have never visited? Why expose yourself to the potential dangers of treatment abroad? Why pay for airfare and hotel accommodations?

We understand your concerns. However, Medical Tourism is increasing in popularity for many reasons:

  • Medical tourism can be affordable: For many procedures, its often more expensive to receive treatment at home than it is to purchase a plane ticket, book a hotel, and pay for medical expenses in a foreign country. This is especially true in popular medical tourism destinations such as India & Lebanon.
  • GME (Global Medical Excellence) provides a new option which no other medical tourism company is providing. We offer patients the opportunity to choose between US Board Certified doctors who will take care of your surgery from start to finish at home or in one of our foreign medical destinations, or we can coordinate your surgery with one of our GME affiliated surgeons. Either way, GME's primary concern is to provide the most comfortable and stable patient experience possible while minimizing out of pocket expenses.
  • Insurance is another factor in the decision to choose a foreign country for a medical procedure. Some orthopedic operations, especially knee and hip replacements, are often not covered by health insurance. Even with insurance, the patient's financial responsibility can be excessive. As a result, orthopedic surgery has emerged as one of the main treatments performed overseas due to the low cost and freedom to choose where to have your surgery performed.
  • Medical vacations can be fun: Make your medical destination your vacation destination! The fact of the matter is, most of us need medical treatment from time to time, and most of us plan vacations every year or so. Why not combine the two into a medical vacation that provides you with everything you need medically and recreationally? Think about tourist attractions and shopping you could enjoy.

In conclusion, health care costs are constantly on the rise in countless Western countries. In the US alone, hundreds of thousands of patients have traveled abroad for medical treatment successfully and this number continues to grow rapidly each year. Why pay exorbitant prices at home when you can travel abroad and receive the same treatment (if not better) from fully certified medical facility for a fraction of the price? The decision, and the savings, is yours. At GME, we are here to help you!



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