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GME is working with world-renowned partner hospitals in India to provide the medical care for patients who are in urgent need for the CCSVI / Liberation Treatment.


GME partners exclusively with only JCI-accredited hospitals. Joint Commission International (JCI) - the gold standard for hospital accreditation - is a U.S. based not-for-profit organization - an affiliate of the Joint Commission that accredits over 17,000 health care organizations and programs in the U.S. To receive this accreditation, hospitals must voluntarily commit to a rigorous survey process and demonstrate the highest standard in patient care and enhanced patient safety for a period of time. It is very important that you prefer to get treatment only at a JCI-accredited International Hospital. This is particularly true with increasing importance of Hospital Quality and better treatment outcomes. This ensures that the hospitals are either at par or even better than some of the Best U.S. and Canadian Hospitals. To know more about JCI, please click here.

In India, patients are tested immediately for MS and treatment is on the same day/next day as testing.  There is no waiting list for this testing and treatment yet, so contact us immediately to reserve your Liberation.Moreover, the GME management is working to provide this service in other countries as well and will be updated through the website as soon as it becomes available.


Below is a detailed description of the step-by-step approach to be followed by the GME team in your pursuit for Liberation Treatment:

Step – 1  Filling up the required forms.
Getting a preliminary diagnosis done at a local diagnostic center. A variety of tests like MRV, MRI of cervical region, Doppler Ultrasound, etc. are required to be done as per the protocol set by the experts in this field.

If you are facing issues in getting your preliminary diagnostic tests done at your local center, you can choose to get the entire package done in India. Even if you are diagnosed as not being an ideal candidate for surgery, chances are that you might still end up paying much less than at your local diagnostic center. There is a small chance that testing in India will yield results that do not permit liberation treatment.  By far majority cases are treatable immediately.

Please note that the results of the preliminary diagnosis at your local center may or may not be conclusive enough for the Experts in India to come to a definitive conclusion about your eligibility for Liberation Treatment. Hence, many of the patients prefer to get the diagnosis as well as treatment done at one shot in India.

Once you are ready to explore the possibility of getting the CCSVI treatment in India, you need to fill-out certain forms which will be sent by our Patient Relations Team. Once we receive your forms as well as the medical records, you will be informed about your suitability of getting the Liberation Treatment in India.

Step – 2  Issuance of Visa Invitation Letter by our Partner Hospital in India.
Once we receive the above mentioned forms from you and once your suitability of CCSVI treatment is established, GME will be getting a visa-invitation letter within 24-48 hours from our Partner hospital in India. This letter will help you in getting a visa from the Indian Embassy on a priority basis. GME tries to ensure that based on this letter you should be getting a preferential treatment and a visa be issued within a time-frame of 15 working days from the date of application.

Step – 3  Visa Application Process, Flight Booking & Scheduling of Surgery.

On receipt of the visa-invitation letter from the Hospital, GME will help you in your application for the Indian Visa. Alongside, you need to block your dates for the flight and also the date of your diagnosis in India. Our Travel division, FlyGTE, will be coordinating with you in assisting you for the Visa Process as well as the flight bookings. GME and FlyGTE will ensure that your choices and your budget are taken into consideration throughout the process. If you are not in a position to travel immediately on receipt of visa, you can still choose to book your liberation procedure in India for a suitable date in future.

Step – 4 Hotel Booking (Optional).
You can also choose to get your hotel booked for your stay in India for the post-treatment recovery period. FlyGTE team will assist you with a variety of hotel packages. However, you also have the option of getting it done after reaching India.

Step – 5 Actual Diagnosis & Treatment in India.
Departure from your nearby International Airport for the journey to India: Depending on your budget and your condition, you can choose to get a flight with only one short layover OR you can choose to stay overnight at one of the layover stops and resume the journey on the next day. However, the decision will be yours as it affects the overall cost of the trip and treatment.

Time frame before departing: After the issuance of your Visa (which takes about 10-15 working days from the date of application), you can immediately travel for your treatment. Currently, there is NO WAIT LIST for accessing the diagnosis and treatment in India.

Arrival at the International Airport in India: Our Care Manager will be at the airport with a placard containing your name. You will then be escorted to the hospital and will be resting for the day. Diagnostic testing consisting of a variety of tests is performed to find out the eligibility of the patient for the Liberation Procedure.

If the patient is found to be not suitable for the Liberation Treatment, then he/she will be discharged in 2-3 days and only diagnostic tests will be charged at the hospital. Rest of the deposit for the treatment will be returned to the patient. However, there is a small chance that testing in India will yield results that do not permit liberation treatment.  By far majority cases are treatable immediately. If you get Stenosis confirmed before you leave your country, it reduces the possibility that none will be found in India.

If the patient is found to be a good candidate for the Liberation Procedure, then the actual treatment process will be undertaken. The treatment takes the forms of balloon angioplasties, stent procedures or surgical augmentation of the jugular vein depending on the findings of the testing.

Treatment Duration and Length of stay: Depending on the treatment plan, the length of stay in the hospital can be between 4 and 7 days. Patients are also required to stay in the country post-discharge from the hospital for follow-up visit. Generally, the post-discharge stay is about 4 to 7 days if it is a standard case of CCSVI Treatment.


Post-treatment Support and Continuity of Care: The patient can choose to stay in a nearby hotel depending on their budget. GME is all about choices!! We strive to offer you the best service in line with your medical condition and your financial situation. We do not believe in forcing any standard packages or hotel options without giving due attention to your individual needs. GME and FlyGTE team will help the patients in booking an appropriate hotel well in advance. Some patients also choose to go for a recuperation and alternative healing package in a Wellness Resort or Spa. Patients will be given adequate choices well-in-advance to come to the best decision depending on their condition.

GME’s Affiliated Doctors Network: GME has a large network of affiliated Doctors to ensure continuity of care for the patients once they return home. Patients can have constant follow-up, regular testing and address any concerns that they might have post-treatment through our network of doctors.

GME's Dedicated Care Manager will be there to assist the patients all throughout their stay in India.  Additional facilities like cell phone, internet access, etc. will be made available to the patient as per their request. Moreover, the friends and family members of the patients will be given regular timely updates about the treatment progress of the patient.

Please talk to our Doctor to get personalized guidance about the process of CCSVI Treatment through GME.

Our Toll Free Helpline Number is 714-660-4748.


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