Why GME?

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Why should you get your Liberation Treatment through GME?

  • GME has its main office in California and also in India. This ensures that there is 100% coordination closer to you
  • GME has a large network of affiliated doctors. This ensures regular follow-up and continuity of care once you return home
  • GME partners exclusively with JCI-Certified hospitals. This ensures you get the same or better quality of treatment than what you get in North America
  • The doctors in India at GME’s partner hospitals have got extensive training for CCSVI
  • GME has experienced Doctor Team with International Experience on its staff
  • There is no waiting time for accessing CCSVI Treatment through GME
  • GME provides dedicated Care Managers who will be there to assist you throughout your stay in India
  • GME maintains an Ethics & Quality Board comprising of some of the best doctors in the field in every country that it operates in
  • GME ensures that you get the Highest Quality Care at the most affordable rates


Global Medical Excellence (GME) is headquartered in Anaheim (California) and specializes in providing a variety of Local and International Treatment options to North American patients across various specialties.

Here are the unique differentiating points about GME

    1. GME partners exclusively with only JCI-accredited hospitals. Joint Commission International (JCI) - the gold standard for hospital accreditation - is a U.S. based not-for-profit organization - an affiliate of the Joint Commission that accredits over 17,000 health care organizations and programs in the U.S. To receive this accreditation, hospitals must voluntarily commit to a rigorous survey process and demonstrate the highest standard in patient care and enhanced patient safety for a period of time. It is very important that you prefer to get treatment only at a JCI-accredited International Hospital. This is particularly true with increasing importance of Hospital Quality and better treatment outcomes. This ensures that the hospitals are either at par or even better than some of the Best U.S. and Canadian Hospitals. To know more about JCI, please click here.


    1. GME has a unique Global Provider Network consisting of some of the best doctors in various specialties. This network of GME-affiliated doctors ensures pre and post-operative care for patients of major specialties and maintains a continuity of care in its truest sense. At no point after your return home, you will feel left out or unassisted. This is one of the biggest differentiating points that set GME apart from other organizations. To check our doctors profiles please click here.


  1. GME has some of the best doctors on its staff having extensive experience in the field of International Healthcare. You can feel free to talk to any of our doctors by calling our Toll Free Helpline – 866.463.2111. This is unlike any other company offering similar services. While making an important decision of availing treatment abroad, you cannot afford to leave your health issues in the hands of professionals with no experience on the clinical aspect.
  2. GME has offices in multiple countries with the provision of dedicated Care Managers for each and every International Patient that makes use of its services. GME is there for you wherever you go.

  3. GME maintains a unique Ethics and Quality Board comprising of some of the best doctors in the field in every country that it operates in.

  4. GME is all about choices. We offer the maximum possible flexibility to the patients in making their healthcare choices giving due consideration to their medical, physical and financial condition.

Please talk to our Doctor to get personalized guidance about the process of CCSVI Treatment through GME.

Our Toll Free Helpline Number is 714-660-4748.


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