imgresLebanon has long been known as the Switzerland of the Middle East for its banking sector. These days, the Levantine country is claiming another title: Magnet for medical tourists from all over the world.

The New Beirut is an example of an elegant, urban, sophisticated, multicultural, multiethnic, multi religious, and a happy and engaging place. It offers a magnificent night life, afantastic set of restaurants catering to every taste, and world class shopping centers.

Beirut is the center of operations for GME in Lebanon. GME will only deal with its two JCI accredited hospitals, and their long lists of US Board certified doctors in the various surgical categories that GME focuses on.

imgres-1Historically, most of Lebanon’s medical tourists are Lebanese expatriates. There are also a growing number of patients who come from the Gulf for the healthcare and often stay on for the sun, sea and sand. When you come from abroad, you get the complete package — the reception at the airport, the hotel, the clinic and people to help during the recovery period. Every patient is assigned a Care Manager that will monitor his/her progress and attend to all their legitimate needs. Those managers are well trained and speak fluent English.

Depending on the procedure, a vacation along with medical treatment in Lebanon cost less than the medical bill alone in a Western country.

Lebanon’s place as a healthcare destination dates back more than a hundred years, back when AUB’s hospital was known throughout the Middle East for its medical treatments and its faculty of medicine. The hospital gained acclaim in the mid-20th century for being the first in the region to perform a kidney transplant, as well as open heart surgery. Lebanon’s place as a regional healthcare destination continued until 1975, when the country’s 15-year civil war began. Now, Lebanon has regained its place on the medical tourism map.

GME intends to make Lebanon a major medical destination for Americans and Canadians.

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