Costa Rica

costa rica]

Costa Rica: A Jewel in the America’s

Life is good in Costa Rica. It is a friendly, democratic and peaceful country.  Exuberant by nature, it has pristine beaches, active volcanoes, contrasting landscapes, impressive places of scenic beauty, and biological diversity. It is no wonder Costa Rica’s popularity for tourism has continued to increase throughout the decades.

Costa Rica’s high levels of education and variety of ecosystems has made it one of the centers of tropical biology research. Scientists from all over the globe travel to Costa Rica to study over one half million species, through a process known as bio prospecting, and identify new medical treatments. The medicines currently being developed in Costa Rica, such as anti-venoms and immunizations, could change the course of global health.

“The quality of health care in Costa Rica is one of the highest in the world. Costa Rica has been cited in various journals as Central America's great health success story. Its healthcare system is ranked higher than that of the United States, despite having a fraction of its GDP.  Prior to 1940, government hospitals and charities provided most health care delivery. But since the 1941the creation of the Social Security Administration, Costa Rica has provided universal health care.  Costa Rican health professionals are well-paid in the national context and have high social prestige.

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