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Medical Tourism, Affordable Cosmetic Surgery, Cosmetic Dental - Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego Riverside

Welcome to Global Medical Excellence

GME is a "medical tourism company" dedicated to providing affordable access to the finest cosmetic, dental and surgical care in internationally accredited medical centers around the globe, with outstanding service and quality care, and very competitive pricing.

Global Medical Excellence (GME) operates in the United States, India, Dubai,Mexico,Lebanon and Costa Rica. In the United States we facilitate surgeries for patients from any country seeking the finest surgical care for any problem in major hospitals in California. GME facilitates most of its plastic surgeries in California with the finest US plastic surgeons mostly from the Newport Beach, and Beverly Hills area. Plastic surgeries are also performed in Dubai by US-based plastic surgeons affiliated with GME. The surgeries are performed in the finest surgical centers in Dubai. Complex plastic surgeries such as total body lifts are performed in India by experienced, US Board certified/trained surgeons.

Major surgeries are facilitated by GME in the United States, Lebanon or India (all in JCI accredited facilities). GME facilitates M6 (spinal Implants) surgeries only in Mexico, and in Dubai at one of the most modern hospitals in the Middle East. All dental implants are directed to Dubai and sometimes Costa Rica depending on the wishes of the patient.GME assures every patient of the highest quality care and travel arrangements at the lowest cost.

Save Up to 80% on some Cosmetic, Dental and Surgical Procedures

GME offers several unique services to make yours the best experience possible. Learn more about GME.


Medical Tourism on the Rise

It’s no wonder that the medical tourism industry has experienced tremendous growth over the past decade!

Experts, including Deloitte, estimate that over 600,000 persons will be traveling abroad for medical treatment this year alone. This is due in part to the substantial savings, between 60% and 80% on major surgeries (non-cosmetic), patients are able to receive by having surgeries performed overseas.

GME also helps you realize significant savings on plastic surgeries including those performed in the United States while making sure you have access to the finest plastic surgeons.


For more information about our low cost, high quality medical tourism options Click Here or call us today at:

(United States) 714-660-4748

(International) 714-660-4748

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Major Surgeries

Low Cost SurgeryCardiovascular, gastric, neurological, oncology, and orthopedic surgeries are performed by highly qualified doctors based abroad or sent from the U.S.

Learn more about our Low Cost Surgery options.

Plastic Surgeries

Plastic Surgery AbroadGME provides access to cosmetic surgeries performed abroad and in the U.S. - the U.S. option allows the use of our virtual exchange (GMEBID).

Learn more about Plastic Surgery Abroad.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry AbroadCardiovascular, gastric, neurological, oncology and orthopedic surgeries are performed by highly qualified doctors based abroad or from the U.S.

Learn more about Cosmetic Dentistry Abroad.